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Housing condition is one of the wide range of selection that is done once in a lifetime. several housing conditions are associated with problems like lead poisoning, injuries and several public health practitioners. the mental health of housing is always a good opportunity for health determinants. public health is one of the major key factors.  the housing comes under public health conditions like asthma and several other mental health problems. addressing the housing issue will tend to go with good determinants. Public health is important factor everyone should keep in mind. As the health of the public is dependent on housing we all need to be aware of social determinants. The practitioner’s health is more important for raising public health. the house the place where we can relax. That place should be healthy in environmental conditions. considering all aspects the housing should be planned. healthy homes are best for indoor environmental quality. affordable housing is determined for its healthier standards. The factors that are interfering with standard housing are healthy homes. the quality of the environment is set right with good conditions.

How the determinants plan for housing:

Claiming for the best always seems special and healthy for its maintenance. housing as it is one of the major projects in everyone’s life, this should be keenly worked on and observed. Housing is one of the major factors that today’s world is getting influenced by. considering all the plans of location and type of house you can enroll into my house sale Texas site where all over the world exhibits their house. this will help you to get the best house selected according to your need.