Sell Your House

If you’re a seller in today’s market, odds are you’re looking for a quick and easy way to sell your home. But before you needlessly put the fixer-uppers on the market, or hassle with showing off all the work you’ve done to make your home shine, read this list of tips and more at to help sell your home fast.

List of Tips

Be Flexible

Be flexible when it comes to showings at odd times of day and be sure to include weekends when necessary. When it comes to showings, be sure to be flexible and available to show your home at times that work. Many people want to see your house, but they often have the same day-off job or need extra time off. That’s why that last minute showings on nights or weekends can help you out tremendously. Also, if there is something wrong with your home (like a leaky roof or a broken appliance) try not to start screening offers until you’ve fixed the problem.

Sell Your House

Be Honest

You’re a professional, so why lie about everything? Most people are looking for honest advice from someone who has actually been in this situation before, so be up front about any problems. If there is a broken something, let buyers know about it.

Take Photos

Take professional photos of any work you’ve done to make your house look better. For example, if you’ve just added a new coat of paint, take pictures with the paint that has dried. If there are any remodeling projects you’ve done throughout the home, take pictures before and after for prospective buyers.

Listing Price

Set a realistic price for your house based on what comparable homes sold for in your neighborhood and in similar neighborhoods within your zip-code. Use internet searches to find customer reviews of similar homes nearby.

Negative vs Positive

When writing your listing, be sure to list every positive thing about your house. Keep the writing professional and avoid sounding like you are trying to sell your home. Instead of starting off with a “My house needs some work” try something like “From the moment you walk in the front door, you know this is a well-cared for home.” When listing things that may need work be certain to include pictures of those items so that prospective buyers can see what needs to be fixed.