sell property

If you are selling your property (or are thinking of doing so), they will surely have advised you not to give the real estate agency exclusive rights . In this way you are not precluded from any possibility and you can sell to anyone who makes an offer that you deem satisfactory

But, if you are reading this article, you are probably wondering which is the right choice between: Relying on a single real estate professional exclusively.  sell privately and with as many agencies as possible without exclusivity to have more opportunities

I want to give you an answer with a story, my story .

The plan was to refurbish it and sell it as soon as possible (for the right piece), so a correct commercial strategy was essential. The choice of agency was critical. I didn’t want to rely on any agency, but to spread the word as much as possible to have more possibilities.  My partner, on the other hand, wanted to rely on a single agency. He claimed that in this way he would work and invest (time and money) in our property, making the most of it.

In the end I had to give in and we entrusted the job to just one real estate firm. I have to admit my friend was right! The agency put all its resources into play and sold the property in less than 2 weeks!

Advantages of selling without exclusivity

By selling without exclusivity you will essentially have 2 advantages: Being able to seize every opportunity

Have no commitments to anyone

In reality, the first point can also be obtained with a particular type of exclusive contract (find more explanations below). The second point saves you from the biggest risk when selling a property: Trusting the wrong real estate agent.

With an exclusive contract you would be tied to him until the expiry. Here is the story of a reader of this blog :

“ Since the beginning of November I have an accommodation for sale with an exclusive mediation contract expiring on 06/30/2020 after which it was to be understood as resolved without any renewal.