selling your house

Although there are no fixed rules, most real estate experts agree that the best time to sell your house is during the winter peak season. There are many reasons for this. First, winter is a much slower season than the summer when people will typically be on vacation. Families with children may have trouble finding time for house showing in addition to the time commitment required for relocation. If a house is available during this season, it will likely be seen by many people and generate a lot of interest from potential buyers. has a team of experts who can guide you through the home selling process.

Here are tips to choose the right time to sell your house:

Assess the Amenities in your Community

People will always want to live in a community that offers many amenities. It is for this reason that winter months are ideal for selling your home when many potential buyers will be shopping for homes in better neighborhoods.

Look for the Ideal Time to Buy in your Neighborhood

People who are already living in the neighborhood may be looking to relocate or upgrade their current home. To find out, ask neighbors if they are looking to buy or sell their house at this moment.

Determine the Peak Season

Many real estate experts agree that there is a sharp drop off in sales and prices during the winter months. If you are selling your house this season, you may want to look into selling another property during the summer. This will allow you to get more for your home and bring in a higher price for your sale.

Check for Home Warranty Programs

Home warranties can help to offset costs of repairs that may arise from problems with the home prior to sale.

Make a final decision if you are ready to sell your house

If you are ready to sell, talk with your Realtor and make the necessary arrangements. If you have not yet decided if you will sell your house, talk with your Realtor about what home upgrades or options are available during this slow season.

selling your house

Inspect the home for any potential flaws

The condition of the home is one of the most important factors when setting a price for a property. If you are listing your home during the winter, consider listing your house for an extra $500 or so to cover for possible issues in the home.

Teach your Realtor about any possible problems with curb appeal

During the peak season, people will be looking to sell their homes quickly and will take risks in bidding on homes that they may not have time to look at fully. Keep your Realtor informed of any potential flaws in order to set the right price.